Artisan Ice Cream Cups in Fairfax County, VA Area

The Guiltless Scoop

On a hot summer’s day, you want a delicious, creamy dessert at your event cravings. A little sweet—and surely guiltless—artisan ice cream is sure to do the trick, especially if you are hosting a summer event. Whether you are young or old, let Tysons Creamery in Fairfax County, VA area should be your choice of dessert.

Our ice cream is purely handmade with the freshest ingredients so your taste buds will be delighted with every bite.

Our Artisan Ice Cream

Since 2019, Tysons Creamery we make our ice cream in a gelato style emphasizing unique flavors that are difficult to find if at all! Our team has worked tirelessly to bring you a plethora of flavors that will interest your guests at your next event. Browse our flavors page to see what piques your interest and what will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Our artisan ice cream options are endless. Orders start at 50 cups and go to any amount you will need for your event, Rest assured that your guests will enjoy the decadent flavors you have chosen to complement your event.

Choose Tysons Creamery

Tysons Creamery is unlike any other handmade and hand-packed ice cream you have tasted, There is love in every bite. We want every ice cream fan to know that you can indulge yourself every now and then, so do not hesitate to let us sweeten your days.

If you are interested in our artisan ice cream, contact our team today by calling (866) 827-2667 or by sending us a message through our contact page. We are in the Fairfax County, VA, area, We are sure that our flavors will surprise and satisfy your taste buds and your event.

We have expanded our delivery area!! Please contact us to see if you are in the area!!

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