Tyson's Creamery
The Guiltless Scoop

We Offer the Tastiest Ice Cream Flavors Made with the
Freshest Ingredients

Tyson's Creamery
Tyson's Creamery

Ice Cream Caterers

in Virginia, Washington D.C., & Maryland

At Tysons Creamery, we are proud ice cream caterers ready to transform your next event with something little, sweet, and surely guiltless. We’re firm believers in the old phrase, “everything in moderation,” even when it comes to a sweet and savory scoop of hand-packed ice cream.

A Gift of Sweetness

For your next event, give your guests the gift of the guiltless scoop and send them on their way with a 3oz. cup of the tastiest ice cream flavors that they’ve ever had.

Tyson's Creamery
Tyson's Creamery

Purely Handmade

Our ice creams are purely handmade with the very freshest ingredients that we can find. For us, nothing is more important than assuring our ice cream lovers that they’re always given top-of-the-line sweets with quality ingredients packed into every scoop.

A Little Love in A 3oz. Cup

For your next event, gathering, or special occasion, what better way to send off your guests than with the perfectly crafted 3oz. cup of handmade ice cream? Here at Tysons Creamery, we’re looking to offer a new way for those with a sweet tooth to enjoy the decadent dessert that they’ve always loved.

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