Taste the Scoop of Delight

Here at Tysons Creamery, we couldn’t be more excited to share all of our magical flavors with you. We’ve been working hard to create the perfect selection of flavors that’ll be certain to pique the interests of every guest at your next event.

We’re always focused on offering something every ice cream lover can enjoy, with many exciting flavors, we’re making that dream come true. Take a look below to see just what goes into every hand-packed ice cream recipe we’ve created.

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Double Chocolate Delight

For all of those chocolate lovers out there, this is most certainly one of our most popular choices. And at the end of the day, do we even have to ask why? Who doesn’t love chocolate? To make this hand packed ice cream, we carefully blend luscious dark bittersweet chocolate, cacao powder, and milk chocolate with milk to create the richest chocolate ice cream you’ve ever had.

Tyson's Creamery

Blueberry Compote

Nothing tastes better than the sweet and savory taste of a fresh baked, warm, homemade blueberry pie. In fact, it’s those types of sweets that stay in our memories for our entire lives, right? Why not bring that memory to life each and every day with our Blueberry Compote ice cream? Handmade from our very own pie recipes, this special ice cream tastes just like the real thing.

Tyson's Creamery

Bourbon Butterscotch With Pecans

Hands down – this is our most decadent ice cream – and it’s easy to see why. We’ve combined bourbon butterscotch that simply melts in your mouth with every spoon full. And when you finally get to taste that sweet crunch of sugared pecans, you’ll instantly send your taste buds on a journey to a whole new world.

Tyson's Creamery

Caramel Ribbon With Almond Toffee

This exciting recipe is the perfect blend of sweet caramel that simply melts in your mouth. And when paired with the nutty flavor of almond toffee, the little bit of crunch gives you a satisfying sensation of a sweet and savory treat – all together in a single scoop.

Tyson's Creamery

Wild Strawberry

Strawberries and cream – there’s nothing like it, wouldn’t you say? That is until you’ve tried our handmade wild strawberry ice cream! Trust us, there’s no better end to the night with a nice refreshing guiltless scoop of fresh strawberry compote, gently folded into our silky smooth ice cream for the sweetest little dessert in the world.

Tyson's Creamery

Coffee Mocha With Chocolate Bits

This is an all-out alert for coffee lovers! This flavor-packed handmade ice cream recipe is simply to die for. For this one, we infused our signature silky ice cream with dark roasted coffee beans and a handful of dark chocolate bits to create an inviting and rewarding flavor that keeps the party going all night long.

Tyson's Creamery

Toasted Coconut

Let’s face it, is an ice cream sundae really a sundae without some coconut? As one of the most important flavors in the family of ice cream toppings, we’ve created a new flavor specifically designed for coconut lovers. The fantastic flavors of fresh coconut, along with the yummy crunch of toasted coconut all come together in harmony in this exciting ice cream flavor.

Tyson's Creamery

Fresh Mint

Mint ice cream is always refreshing and full of flavor, and it’s always the perfect dessert to help clean the palate after a nice meal. But trust us, you’ve never tried fresh mint ice cream like this before! We infuse fresh mint leaves into our milk and cream throughout the process to create the most refreshing and lovely ice cream flavor that you’ve ever tasted.

Tyson's Creamery

Pineapple Clove Compote

Who ever said that pineapples are only for tropical foods? This combination of pineapple, spices, and a jam compote brings all of the rich tropical flavors into a single, creamy ice cream with just a hint of spice to make things exciting! Succulent, smooth, and savory – all in one guiltless scoop.

Tyson's Creamery


Imagine a refreshing caprese salad that has been deconstructed into its fundamental elements – here it is! This unique artisan ice cream uses fresh basil to infuse a refreshing flavor into the milk and cream. Perfect for those hot summer days or for the perfect signature dessert, this ice cream is delightfully cool and relaxing.

Tyson's Creamery

Peanut Butter Ribbon

Peanut butter is one of those flavors that everyone seems to love, right? And when you pair that with flavorful, soft, and delicate ice cream, could there possibly be a better combination? Our recipe takes creamy peanut butter and swirls it into velvety and creamy ice cream to form the flavor-packed peanut butter ice cream that you’ve always dreamed of.

And So Many More!…….

  • Apple Crisp
  • Black Cherry Compote hint of Vanilla Bean
  • Goat Cheese with Honey
  • Lemon Chiffon
  • Madagascar Vanilla Bean
  • Orange Ginger
  • Pistachio Nut hint of Cardamon
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Saffron and Rose Water